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All About has grown out of the vision of one woman, Keely Sharea, who just wanted a platform for one webisode, The Roomers. 
While working on movies like Vanishing on SeventhGifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Rosie O'Donnell's made-for television movie, America, and HBO's, Hung, Keely started developing each character for The Roomers, one-by-one. Lots of writing, one exhaustive casting call, many rehearsals and long shooting days later, Keely and her team were bringing life to The Roomers and it's host website. 
While designing the website that would host The Roomers, Keely's vision grew! She decided that the website would be the home of independent films from around the globe. Out of this idea came an Independent Film Scouting Team.
In 2010, The Roomers alone had thousands of viewers the first day the website launched (with no marketing at all). Although people were asking, "What is a webisode?" We knew we were on to something!
After taking some time to focus on helping independent filmmakers, is here and ready to showcase the best independent films on the internet! 
Our goal is to bring viewers unparalleled entertainment while providing a professional platform for artists to get the recognition they deserve.

Here's to happy watching!
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